Runs from Saturday March 24 2018 to Saturday March 24 2018

Approximate running time: 1 hour


OFF-SEASON EVENTS - Lighthouse Theatre, Port Dover
247 Main Street
PO Box 1208
Port Dover Ontario N0A 1N0

Performance Notes

× Out of the coffee shop and into the jungle! Last time you saw Joanie Little, she was slinging java to the masses. Fast forward a year, and now she’s in Gombe Park, Tanzania chasing chimpanzees! Rebecca Perry’s spot-on comedic timing lends itself to a second, standalone story filled with relatable situations, and 20 new characters, all performed by Perry herself! Adventures… continues on from the internationally successful Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl, as Joanie follows her anthropologist dreams, getting a once-in-a-lifetime internship working with her idol, Dr. Jane Goodall.

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