We believe in continuous improvement both on and off the stage. Every incremental step in this direction leads to even better experiences for artists and audience alike.


  • Ensure the longevity of Lighthouse Festival Theatre and Showboat Festival Theatre
  • Support Canadian playwrights and artists
  • Boost the artistic excellence and excitement of each production
  • Contribute to a vibrant, growing arts community
PLUS it provides YOU with exclusive perks throughout the season.

Two Sister Theatres – A Perfect Partnership

Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover, emerged in 1980, after the historic Old Town Hall of Port Dover experienced over twenty dark years. Now entering it's 39th season, Lighthouse Festival Theatre is proud to host a bustling Main Stage Season from May to September each year, as well as an expanding Off Season program. Lighthouse is dedicated to fostering, promoting, nurturing and presenting the highest quality of professional theatre in beautiful lakeside Port Dover.

Located at the Roselawn Centre, Showboat Festival Theatre has been dedicated to presenting the best professional performances for more than 30 years. This theatre boasts some of the best artists, designers and technicians that our country has to offer for a full summer season of smiles, laughter and entertainment.

In 2012, Showboat Festival Theatre and Lighthouse Festival Theatre were presented with an opportunity to share resources, knowledge and leverage each other’s strengths by uniting as sister theatres. The result of this unique relationship has been nothing short of incredible and professional summer theatre is thriving in Southern Ontario, from Port to Port.

This is a significant time for the arts in Canada and our success would not be possible without the ongoing support and commitment from you, our valued patrons. Thank you for allowing us to entertain you each summer by Canada’s top performers and technicians. We look forward to having you join our two theatre families on this flourishing journey together.

Lighthouse Festival Theatre and Showboat Festival Theatre are not-for-profit registered charities: Registration # 103328563 RR0001

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